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Stephanie schestag   DIRECTOR OF BIKRAM YOGA LA

Stephanie schestag

Stephanie Schestag

Hi, my name is Stephanie - I'm the director of Bikram Yoga LA. I've practiced Bikram Yoga since 1993 (yes, i was a youngster when I began). I've been teaching since 2002. I sometimes joke that I grew up in Bikram yoga studios, but there is a lot of truth in that statement. Through my practice I have grown emotionally, healed physically, come closer to enlightenment spiritually.



Ashley Nicole Keene

Born and raised in Tampa, FL. Ashley started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2010 and fell in love with the practice right away. Being a dancer her whole life, Ashley loved how physically challenging the practice is and discovered how peaceful the world became around her. 

After a few years of steady practice and lots of support from her mentors, she went to teacher training in Spring 2013 in Los Angeles, CA and taught for 2 years in New York and Brooklyn. She loves to inspire students through their yoga practice to connect with their own physical and spiritual potential and strengths.

She is grateful to be a part of the Bikram Yoga DTLA team and to share her love of this yoga with all of you!

Vicky Nguyen   noho & dtla

Vicky Nguyen
noho & dtla

Vicky Nguyen 

Nine years ago I would have never thought about adding yoga to my workout regime. I was an avid marathon runner, cyclist and exercise junkie. I had taken a couple yoga classes at the gym, but I found them uninspiring and somewhat boring. That all changed after a strong suggestion from a friend that led me to my first day of practicing Bikram Yoga.

I was moved by the combination of poses, and inspired by the energy and focus of the class. Like most beginners, I died in my first class, but loved every moment of it. 

I maintained a consistent practice for a few years until I came to the realization that something was missing in my life. I worked long hours in sales which involved demanding clients and frequent travel. I focused all my energy on my career and the uncontrollable situations around me. Inevitably, I lost all motivation to take care of myself. I stopped exercising, ate poorly, gained weight, and spent most my days in a constant state of fatigue. 

After 4 years of unhappiness, I was ready for a life change. Thanks to flyer posted in the women’s locker room at Bikram Yoga Headquarters, in spring of 2011, I decided to quit my job to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

I found that Bikram Yoga, and especially teaching this method, has given me a sense of love and appreciation for myself that I never had before. There was a beautiful ripple effect that transpired when I started taking care of myself. Not only did I become happier and healthier, but my life became much more fun and exciting. With a regular yoga practice, I hope that my family, friends, and students continue to learn and grow and find new and exciting things about themselves to love. 

Stella diamond   noho & dtla

Stella diamond
noho & dtla

Stella Diamond

Stella fell in love with Bikram yoga from the very first class and decided to become a teacher that very evening. Because of requirements for training, she had to practice 6 months to get in. Stella became certified in Spring 2009 and has been teaching full time ever since. 

Her passion and interest lies in the connection between the mind and the body. She loves to work on the spine and any backbending postures. Stella also has a strong Bhakti yoga practice and enjoys learning about all aspects of yoga, spiritually and Vedic philosophy. 

The other side of her life is working on camera as an actress and a model. She has an art degree from Parsons School of Design and loves all forms of artistic expression through which life shows itself.


Yu Chiu

Yu Chiu

Yu Chiu is a proud wife and mother originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Her passion for teaching yoga and other fitness disciplines began in 2006 after spending several decades in her previous career. 

She teaches several forms of yoga such as Bikram, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Additionally, she is a certified Pilates, PiYo and Senior Fitness instructor. Her philosophy as a teacher is that each student must be attuned to their own mind and body so they can build confidence and gauge the best way to challenge themselves. 

Following years of hard, dedicated work in her previous career, including bouts with health concerns, yoga—primarily Bikram yoga—was a first step in Yu’s commitment to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. So teaching Bikram yoga exercises, among other fitness disciplines, brings great pleasure to Yu.

Dana LEVAN  downtown la

downtown la

Dana Levan

I’ve been hooked on Bikram since 1997. I had just arrived in Los Angeles from Connecticut, started a new job, moved into an apartment and wanted to totally transform my life experience. A friend “invited” me to take class with her, and within 6 months I was a “regular." I loved it! In 2002, I had a 12-week break between jobs and decided to enroll in teacher training to “deepen” my practice - shortly thereafter I began teaching before and after work, and I’ve never looked back since. Most instructive for me is how this physical practice goes beyond the studio and permeates your life in every way - mind, body and spirit…that’s why I love it so much!